How to deal with partial hole of weathered rock in rotary drilling rig

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2022-09-01 How to deal with partial hole of weathered rock in rotary drilling rig

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How to deal with the high hardness of weathered rock in rotary drilling rig. The higher the hardness, the higher the drilling resistance.

When the restraint is slow, increase the axial pressure to obtain the footage. Under the condition of large axial pressure, the high hardness of the drilling tool blocks the footage, which will cause the radial swing of the drill bucket to find weak points. This operation is easy to cause Bias phenomenon.

How to effectively solve the phenomenon of partial holes encountered in weathered rock in rotary drilling rigs? It can be drilled by means of barrel drilling, but there is a chance of bedding fissures with the rock.

When controlling the pressing force of the double bottom drill bucket, the type and height of the intermediate guide teeth are selected. Simple drilling is to pay attention to the size of the outer guide strip, and a roller guide tooth can be added in the middle of the drill barrel, or a long barrel drill can be used for forced guidance.

The machine-locked drill pipe transmits greater shaft pressure into the rock, pressure and power head speed; select and optimize drilling tools; prevent partial holes; inspect the drill pipe to find wear and cracks and repair them in time.

The high hardness of the weathered rock in the rotary drilling rig affects the wear of the drill teeth. Add clean water to cool the drill teeth to prevent the wear of the drill teeth from being aggravated by high temperature annealing. At the same time, it is found that the drill body is worn and repaired in time.

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